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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will my order arrive?

Delivery of Your Items

A: Ready to get the party started? If you order a customized item, please allow 14 days for production. Delivery of your items can take anywhere from 5 to 7 full business days, depending on your location. Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays within the United States. To read more about delivery times and shipping options, click here.

When your order is delivered you should immediately inspect the carton for any potential damage that may have occurred during shipment. (Watch out for hungry deliverymen!) Carefully inspect the packaging as well as the contents of the package. It is normal for the carton to show some wear; however, if damage did occur follow these steps:

  • Accept the package then contact a Customer Service Specialist immediately by calling 1-888-513-3466. Please have your order number available when you call.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: If you are for any reason unsatisfied with your order from, please contact a Customer Service Specialist immediately at 1-888-513-3466 for assistance.

Q: How can I track my order?

Tracking Your Order

Follow us from the Goldfish Store to your door!

When can you track your order?

At our warehouse, tracking numbers are assigned to packages as soon as all of the items in your order are ready to ship. At that time, they will appear on our website along with your order information. However, it may take up to 48 hours or longer before the package is checked into the carrier's tracking system. That means even though your package has already shipped from our warehouse and is on its way to you, the carrier may not be able to provide any information about your package for up to 48 hours or more.

Orders placed on may be delivered by one of several different carriers. Therefore, tracking availability may vary depending on the type of item you purchased and the carrier that is delivering your item(s).

Occasionally, orders are delivered via a carrier that does not offer the ability to track a package. In these rare instances, Your My Orders page on will not offer tracking information, but will still offer order status and other details. Read the information provided below on this page to learn the difference between tracking information and the order status.

Finding Your Order Status

The status of your order is easy to find.

  • Check your e-mail. You were required to enter an e-mail address during Checkout; you will receive e-mails at your address keeping you up-to-date about the status of your order.
  • Visit the website. Sign In to My Orders at 24 hours a day. You may view information about your most recent orders (including tracking information) as well as past orders.
  • Contact us. If you still have questions about your order, please speak with one of our Customer Service Specialists at 888-513-3466.

The status of your order is supplied by, and represents what is happening with your order between the time you place it and the time it ships from our warehouse. Once your order leaves our warehouse, it is handled by a carrier (such as FedEx, USPS or UPS) that may provide tracking information until your order is delivered*. The tracking information is accessible from My Orders on our website when it becomes available.

*Tracking information may not be available for up to 48 hours after an item is shipped from our warehouse.

Q: Can I create a customized package on my iPhone or iPad?

A: We’re working on it, but iOS devices are not supported at this time. Due to a limitation in the operating system we are unable to develop a method for accessing photographs stored on these devices.

Q: How do I use this site

A: Put on your party hat and have some fun! A customized Goldfish package is a great way to help celebrate someone’s birthday or other special occasion with a personalized package design they’ll remember for years to come. If you choose the 4.5 oz package, it will even come delivered in an exclusive Goldfish gift box.

This very simple process is outlined below:

  • Choose a Theme. Choosing a Theme will apply an event-specific design to your package.
  • Message and Name. Apply a custom message and name to your package. For example, when you choose Birthday Theme the default message will be “Happy Birthday!” If you are planning on purchasing a package for a milestone birthday you can customize the text to read “Happy 6th Birthday!” For an even more personalized touch, you can add the recipient’s name to the package and a special message on the back of the package.
  • Upload Photos. There are 2 spaces—one on the package front and one on the back—where you can add personal photographs to the package. Simply choose the photos on your computer you’d like to upload. Image files must be in JPG or PNG format and a minimum size of 1000 x 1000 pixels. Once you’ve uploaded your photos, use the basic editing tools to further refine the placement of your photos on the package.
  • Choose Your Goldfish Colors. You can choose up to 2 colors (from 7 options) of Goldfish to be included in your custom package.
  • Choose Package Size and Quantity. Once you’ve customized the package design choose from one (or both!) of the 2 available package sizes.

…And that’s it! Who knew creating a customized Goldfish package could be so easy? Now that you’re done designing, you’ll have to go through Checkout to complete your order. Depending on the shipping method you choose, you can expect your package to arrive in 2 weeks. That’ll give you plenty of time to work up an appetite!

Q: Assembling your customized party favor box’s

A: Your customized Party Favor Boxes will be shipped flat to reduce shipping costs and ensure they arrive in perfect, ready-to-party condition. To quickly and easily assemble your boxes, follow these quick and easy steps.

To assemble your customized Gift or Party Favor Box’s:

  1. Square up the box with the front side facing you.
  2. Fold in the left and right side flaps on the bottom.
  3. Fold the bottom flap over the side flaps as you fold and tuck the tab up inside the box. Congratulations, your box now has a bottom!
  4. Stand your box upright.
  5. Fill your box with delicious Goldfish crackers.
  6. Place an index finger at the top of the perforated triangle on the top left and right hand sides of the box.
  7. Pinch the front and back of the box together with your thumbs and middle fingers while pushing in towards the center of the box with your index fingers.
  8. Fold the top flap over towards the back of the box and insert the tab into the pre-cut slot on the back of the box.

…Ta-dah! Your Customized Party Favor Box’s are ready to party.

Q: What are the product choices for each item

A: The Customized Gift Box contains 2 pouches of 2.5oz (2 colors of your choice) packages of Goldfish crackers. The Customized Party Favors contain 2 pouches of .5oz (2 colors of your choice) of Goldfish crackers, The Themed Party Cups contain your choice of 1.2 oz packages of Vanilla Cupcake Grahams or .9 oz packages of multi-color Goldfish crackers.

Q: Is it a box or a bag that the Goldfish crackers come in?

A: Your design will be printed on a sturdy cardboard box that is similar size and shape to the original Goldfish bag. We want this customized package to last a long time and continue to bring smiles!

Q: Can I print anything on the customized boxes?

A: You have the ability to customize the name (19 characters for Everyday Celebration theme and 15 characters for Birthday theme) and short message (30 characters for Everyday Celebration theme and 21 characters for Birthday theme) on the front of the box, as well as a longer message (110 characters) on the back.

Goldfish My Way is all about creating fun and a smile for everyone! So when designing your personalized messages, it is important to have fun. However, it must be tasteful and fun. And yes, we do have some rules that will help us deliver a product that we can all be proud of.

  1. Please don't use profane, obscene, or inappropriate words, messages or images.
  2. Custom Printed Goldfish My Way products are for personal use only. All images and customized messages will be subject to review prior to order fulfillment.

Q: Can I get one image on the customized gift box and then choose another image for the customized party favors?

A: Yes you can! Once you have completed the process for customizing your first box you will have the option to proceed to Cart or to order another box.

Q: How do I place large orders?

A: Currently, we are limited in the size of orders that can be placed through our website. If you would like to order more than the maximum web order sizes listed below, please call Customer Service at 1-888-513-3466 and a friendly representative will gladly assist you.

Maximum web order sizes are as follows:

  • Themed Party Cups: 100 sets of 25 (2500 cups)
  • Customized Party Favors: 500 (minimum order of 12, additional sets of 4)
  • Customized Gift Boxes: 100

Q: Are your Goldfish crackers safe for someone with a nut or peanut allergy?

A: Pepperidge Farm follows all government regulations regarding the labeling of our products. In the case of the top 8 allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, fish, wheat, soy and shellfish) we list those ingredients in the product ingredient statement, no matter how small the amount might be. We do not include any of those items under the broader listings of "spices" or "natural flavors". Neither our Cheddar Goldfish nor our Vanilla Cupcake Graham Goldfish are currently made with nuts or peanuts.

Q: Can I make modifications to an order I recently placed?

A: Once confirmed and placed through our website, your personalized order is immediately sent to our Goldfish My Way shop so that we can begin to create your customized gift boxes and deliver your product as quickly as possible. Understandably, cancellations or changes to personalized orders cannot be accepted once you have completed and placed your order. Completion of your order on our website confirms and acknowledges that you have reviewed and verified the accuracy of your entire order before it was submitted.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: Once confirmed and placed through our website, your personalized order is immediately sent to our Goldfish My Way shop so that we can begin to create your customized gift boxes and deliver your product as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, once your order enters the shipping process, we are unable to cancel or make changes to your online order. Our system is designed to process and ship orders immediately.

Q: Can I place my order now and have it shipped at a future date?

A: We have streamlined our production process to ensure delivery of all orders on or before the delivery date posted on our website at the time you place your order. To ensure that we fulfill our delivery date promises, we are unable to accept orders with specific future delivery dates.

Q: I live outside the U.S.—can I order?

A: Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a separate number for international callers, and we can only offer delivery to addresses within the U.S.

Q: Can I get any discount coupons or are there any promotions that you offer?

A: We are not currently offering any promotions but we may in the future – we’re all about creating smiles! Offers can be found on the home page of our website, so check back often!

Q: What is the nutrition information for Goldfish colors?

A: Colored Goldfish (all colors)

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving 55 pieces

  • Calories 140
  • Fat Calories 45
  • Total Fat 5g
  • Sat. Fat 1g
  • Trans Fat 0g
  • Cholesterol < 5mg
  • Sodium 240mg
  • Total Carb. 20g
  • Dietary Fiber 1g
  • Sugars < 1g
  • Protein 3g

% Daily Values

  • Vitamin A 2%
  • Vitamin C 0%
  • Calcium 2%
  • Iron 6%


Q: What browsers function best when using

A: should work well in any modern browser, but the browsers that work best include: Internet Explorer 9 or above, Safari 6 or above and recent versions of Firefox or Google Chrome. If you experience any issues, please try switching to one of these browsers!